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11th October, 2017

The Alchemist

We've had a fantastic response to our latest workshop! Only five spaces remain available for The Alchemist two-day residential workshop on 7th – 8th February.

Late Stages of development in meaning-making are often described in ways that make them seem mysterious, mystical, spiritual, super-human or heroic. This framing, if true at all, is surely less than half the story. The ‘Alchemist’ Action Logic has also been described as an ‘Integrated’ and ‘Construct Aware’ stage of development, which points to other aspects. These are particularly important to grasp if we are to help ourselves, others, and our fields to develop more fully. 

How can we, as people interested in the development of others and of ourselves, support both the transition towards this ‘third tier’ operating and the, often turbulent, experience of heading into Alchemist?   

This workshop is intended to help us all think together into that question – a rare opportunity to explore the developmental perspective with colleagues interested in the field of adult development, open to exploring their own perspectives and willing to inquire into how their (own) Alchemist shows up in the world.  The learning we embark on together will open up a more rounded and grounded picture of later stage development, with the ‘Alchemist’ Action Logic as a focus.

The workshop will of course be mainly experiential and conversational in its format - we will pay great attention to the unfolding dialogue we are creating together.  We look forward to engaging in some very serious play with you and with others who want to think and experience effectively into this space.

12th September, 2017

Harthill and MDV Consulting announce a strategic alliance

Harthill have announced today a strategic alliance with MDV Consulting, the niche talent and leadership consultancy. The alliance will support and accelerate the use of capacity building solutions in the people strategies of businesses seeking responses to complex and unpredictable environments. The two organisations will work more closely together to provide transformational people solutions across the human-resource life cycle.

MDV Consulting has been spearheading the practical implementation of vertical development concepts into company-wide talent systems. Drawing upon extensive research and expertise, their leading-edge approach is being used by many blue-chip UK clients to build the capacity of their people to create more sustainable and agile businesses.

"The pressures on leaders and businesses in today’s fluctuating and multi-dimensional environments are immense,” said David Rooke, Director of Harthill Consulting. “The need to cope with and make sense of the demands of modern life is driving more organisations to equip their leaders and potential leaders with the capacity and perspectives to rise to these challenges.  We know MDV Consulting well and share an enviable client list. By combining our science with their practical solutions, our clients are able to access greater insight on how to get the most out of their leadership talent. They will also see the additional benefits of accessing a larger corporate network and the exchange of ideas.”

"We are extremely excited about the additional benefits this alliance brings to our clients,” said Mike Vessey, Managing Partner of MDV Consulting. “It builds on Harthill's unique perspective and international experience in developing leadership capability, with MDV’s best in class talent consulting, leadership assessment and development solutions. Our collective experience translates into a greater knowledge of what works to deliver transformational people results. Together we can now offer advice and expertise from start to finish; talent strategies, capability frameworks, leadership assessment and development, through to performance management and coaching.  Our combined network of associates offers an expanded breadth of HR specialisms, along with expertise in the field of vertical development. Additionally we can deliver global solutions through a mutual international associate network.”

The management and administration of the LDF Profile remains entirely with Harthill.

10th July, 2017

Developing teams using the LDF

Harthill welcomes authorised users of the LDF to a new one-day workshop to explore the use of the Leadership Development Framework and Profile with teams and work-groups, to be held in London on Friday 1st December.

We will be considering the processes for introducing teams to the LDF in order to maximise benefit and minimise concerns, and how to work effectively with the LDF in the context of teams.  Exploring the dimensions of individual and collective meaning-making can often be the key to gaining new perspectives and dealing with unresolved issues. 

In this discursive and experiential workshop we share our ideas and draw on several different case studies where the LDF has been used to support team development.  We are delighted to be joined by our Irish associate Nial O’Reilly who brings a wealth of experience using the LDF in a team environment.

22nd June, 2017

Harthill to host its first LDF Authorisation Training in Russia

We are delighted to announce that Harthill will be hosting its first LDF Authorisation Training programme in St Petersburg in the Autumn.  Our Russian associate, Anastasia Nekrasova and Harthill’s Director of Research & Development, Dr Philip Hayton will be delivering the bi-lingual programme from the 19th – 21st October. 

Responding to the growing interest in the Leadership Development Framework, Harthill have secured 13 bookings from Russian speaking coaches, psychologists and company leaders, and are now opening the programme to the increasing network of consultants and personnel working in the field.  Anastasia has been working with the LDF in Russia for over four years and has commissioned nearly 130 profiles, with half of these in the last 10 months.  We are hoping the Authorisation programme will widen the net more and allow the Leadership Development Profile to become commonplace in Russia.     

31st May, 2017

Leadership Development Framework authorisation training

We are delighted to have received wonderful feedback from a wonderful group who joined us earlier this month to train in using the Leadership Development Framework. 

The workshop covers practical activities interwoven with the theoretical explanations of the framework, the identification of each Action Logic and the developmental progress.   We aim to deepen understanding of the Framework, cultivate confidence in using it in coaching and developmental practices, whilst enabling framing and exploration of participants’ own personal development.

We refer to the workshop as an Intensive training – as it is indeed just that!  One participant said “There is a lot packed into the three days and there is very little time for anything other than complete immersion in the experience.”  She continues to say “The training wasn’t just an authorisation process to use a great tool, it was this plus a beautiful, connected and nourishing personal development experience in an awesome place with very special people.”  

We look forward to working with all of the participants as they go on to become authorised and use the LDF in their work.  

Participants from the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Jamaica and China at West Dean College, May 2017.


10th April, 2017

LDP Essentials - Interpreting a Sentence Completion Form

Harthill have launched a new LDP Essentials webinar series on Interpreting a Sentence Completion Form to take place on Fridays over four consecutive weeks from the 6th October 2017.  

An SCF is a client's own words, revealing subtle meaning-making processes.  Extracting that value is a skill, and like any skill it requires practice, coaching, support and opportunities to explore in the learning process. The webinar series aims to refresh or enhance your understanding of the extraordinary depth, richness and developmental implications of an SCF.  

Interpreting a client's SCF is also a key task in co-creating a great Leadership Development Framework debrief experience … and it allows a better understanding of LDF principles, and their relevance in the real world.

Each of the four sessions in the series will focus on how to ‘make sense of a person’s sense-making’ by diving into one sentence completion form as a group. Each interactive session will look at a different part of the spectrum of development. The process is about learning to see what’s there in an SCF more fully - building confidence to locate what’s developmentally relevant for the client. The purpose is for participants to understand and interpret SCFs more thoroughly and more confidently.

Sessions are on Fridays at 4pm (UK) for one hour, over four consecutive weeks from 6th October 2017 (sessions are audio-recorded).   Register now to book your place for £99+VAT!   For more information email    

27th March, 2017

David Rooke to speak at Royal College of Physicians Lilly Lecture

Harthill is delighted to have David Rooke invited to deliver this year's Royal College of Physicians Lilly lecture in association with the Faculty for Medical Leadership on the 20th April 2017.

The unceasing mixture of medical, social, political and economic pressures arguably makes leading in the NHS signifcantly more challenging than it has ever been and perhaps one of the most difficult of environments in which to work. Budgets are currently flat whilst demand rises year on year.  Leaders are stretched. Working harder in an already full-on system isn’t a useful response – the viable option is to work smarter, individually and collectively.  But working smarter isn’t something that can be conjured up or simply willed – it requires personal and organisational investments in development.

David will explore the six key capabilities demonstrated by leaders who thrive in the face of messy complexity and are demonstrated by leaders who seem most able to make sense of the multiple challenges they face.  He will also explore what organisations can do to support the development and performance of leaders able to survive and then thrive in this deep complexity.

There are certainly no magic bullets, no single solutions, but there are mindsets that can be adopted and actions that can be taken by leaders which respond positively to the complexity before them.


* The annual Lilly lecture was established by Lilly Industries Ltd with the Royal College of Physicians in 1966 and since 2011 has focused on medical leadership with support from the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.


1st March, 2017

Deepening the Practice - a resounding success

Our Level 2 Deepening the Practice workshops which took place in December and February, were a long-held aspiration: to take the work with authorised practitioners a big step further, radically deepening our thinking and practice about how the LDF can inform our work with leaders and human development.

The feedback from the two events has been extremely positive and we were thrilled to work with such highly experienced practitioners from other leader development organisations groups from Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe.  

Involving participants who have been working with the LDF - some were first authorised by Harthill in the LDF leadership profiling tool in 2000! - it was a delight to meet practitioners still excited, passionate, and engaged with the LDF, and human development. 

Harthill’s work continues to grow through such collaborative conversations with leading practitioners in the field, organisational interventions in the form of leadership development programmes, and ongoing writing and research.   We’re looking forward to continuing to share our thinking about leadership transformation, adult development, and how this translates into constructive team and organisational evolution. 

31st January, 2017

Transformational Coaching Training Programme

We are delighted to announce an exciting new offering for developmentally-orientated coaching and consulting practitioners.  Harthill’s LDF Transformational Coaching Training Programme is designed to empower experienced coaching practitioners with an LDF-inspired transformational approach to practice, and to generate and facilitate a developmental environment in which ‘transformation’ is deeply and roundly understood both for you as a person and in your professional work. 

The programme is specifically tailored for practitioners with a good knowledge of the LDF and coaching-relevant experience and competence working with leaders and organisations.  Each module consists of a weekend workshop where a small group will come together to engage with theory and principles, experiential work, and practice inquiry. Between modules there is structured (optional) activity that is part of the programme and process. 

Programme alumni also benefit from access to ongoing developmental spaces for practice inquiry, peer and 1:1 supervision, and more.  The programme also leads to the option of Harthill accreditation in LDF Transformational Coaching. 

For more information about the programme, and to register, click here.