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9th May, 2016

New 2017 dates for LDF authorisation

Harthill are pleased to announce new dates for the Leadership Development Framework authorisation workshop in 2017.   This three-day workshop, facilitated by David Rooke and Karen Ellis, will take place on the 3rd to 5th May next year at its customary venue, the beautiful West Dean College in Chichester.

This increasingly popular workshop is booking out months in advance, with the November 2016 workshop already more than half full.   Lynn Draper, Project Manager for the Leadership Development Framework Profile has noticed a marked increase in interest from consultants and corporate managers, and has accordingly secured this further workshop for 2017 to cope with the demand.

A diverse yet compatible range of participants attend each workshop and from an increasingly international base.  The workshop to be held later on this month has attracted a great mix, from consultants to Presidents of companies, and representing organisations as diverse as charities, global banking, distribution and energy.

You can find more information here, or by emailing Lynn, or phone Harthill on 01600 714419.

3rd February, 2016

May LDF Authorisation – already fully booked and brimming over!

Our May LDF Authorisation training course is now fulled booked and we are operating a waiting list in case any our participants cancel.  We are looking forward to welcoming everyone in May, some of whom are travelling from as far away as France, Switzerland, Russia and even Australia!

The LDF Authorisation Training is proving increasingly popular, but we will be running another course on the 2nd to 4th November - please contact Lynn if you'd like to register your interest.

The training provides an opportunity for people to become authorised users of the Leadership Development Framework and the associated profiling.  For further information click here.

14th December, 2015

Latest LDF Authorisation Training

17 participants from around the world; Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore and Britain met in November to undertake the three-day training intensive to become authorised users of the Leadership Development Framework. 

This was a creative, challenging and rewarding three days in a wonderful environment deeply suited to reflecting on meaning-making the Leadership Development Framework and transformational leadership.

“The time at West Dean, with the Harthill team, has proven highly beneficial for me. Key has been regaining my ‘passionate detachment’ with the conservation project, which I had lost in recent months.  I am feeling refreshed and much more positive.  Many thanks to you and the team.”   Lynn Johnson

The next training intensive is 25th - 27th May 2016.  To book your place contact Lynn.

28th September, 2015

David Rooke at the RSA 10th September

David along with Mark Dawson and Jessica Leitch from PwC and Richard Wilson from OSCA provided one of a set of engaging and stimulating inputs at the seminar.  Each presenter highlighted and challenged around a critical question arising from the report.

Each focused on 'next steps' forward following the successful launch of the joint report, The hidden talent: Ten ways to identify and retain transformational leaders.

The seminar was well attended and if the level of conversation between participants during the opportunity for some on the spot Action Inquiry was anything to go by, people were highly engaged.  There was much concentrated, intense and animated conversation.  The repeated response was ‘I have found this really useful’ coupled with a good amount of productive follow up since the 10th.

 “I found the entire session very useful, the key thing for me was seeing how this thinking is now becoming much more ‘mainstream’ and therefore an easier ‘sell’ into the organisation. I have shared the PwC paper and leaders have then asked me to send them a copy.”  Sue Beddow Group Leadership & Organisation Development


Photo credit:  Alex Brenner

14th September, 2015

Irish Summer Workshop - David Delivers for Intel

David fully engaged Intel’s Quark Leadership team in Dublin during August.  Intel’s software leaders were fortunate recipients of a three hour interactive workshop with David who was engaged as a special guest lecturer for the Quark Leadership team.

Entitled "The Strategist Leader - how to make the journey from manager to leader", David shared what can be learnt from the Leadership Development Framework (LDF).  They explored the dynamics of developing different leadership capabilities.  Examined in more depth the Leadership Development Framework and the consequences of ‘Action Logics’.  Finally considering how best to work with others and their Action Logics.

A great deal was covered in a short time but the animated level of discussion was a clear sign of high engagement.

If your managers or developing leaders have embarked on their transformational leadership journey, then the following are some of the ways in which David suggested might help along the way:

  • You can find out your own profile and receive a one hour coaching debrief session here
  • HBR article:  Seven Transformations of Leadership Rooke and Torbert
  • PwC / Harthill white paper:  The Hidden Talent
  • Personal and Organisational Transformations – Fisher, Rooke and Torbert
  • Reinventing Organisation – Frederic Laloux
  • Youtube – David on leadership

24th August, 2015

Once more in the Top Ten!

Harvard Business Review's 2015 collection of must-read articles on leadership yet again includes Seven Transformations of Leadership by David Rooke and William R Torbert.  If you are interested in discovering where you are on your leadership journey and how you might develop, this is definitely an article to be read.  It takes the reader through the stages of Action Logics, giving insight to the meaning-making at each stage.

“The leader’s voyage of development is not an easy one. Some people change little in their lifetimes; some change substantially. Despite the undeniably crucial role of genetics, human nature is not fixed. Those who are willing to work at developing themselves and becoming more self-aware can almost certainly evolve over time into truly transformational leaders. Few may become Alchemists, but many will have the desire and potential to become Individualists and Strategists. Corporations that help their executives and leadership teams examine their action logics can reap rich rewards.”

You can find more details and about other books and articles here.

25th June, 2015

Improvement to the Leadership Development Framework Profile

To ensure the process of establishing a Leadership Development Profile is as effective as possible we have undertaken some refinements. Having analysed the statistics, we have been able to remove the following four least effective sentence stems while maintaining the high reliability and validity of the 36-item version.

The sentences which have been removed are:
•    Sometimes s/he wished that . . .
•    At times s/he worried about . . .
•    A man’s job . . .
•    A girl has a right to . .

If you're interested in learning more about the Leadership Development Profile and it's applications to the development of leaders and organisations this ground breaking training maybe of interest to you:

LDF Authorisation Training

Please contact Lynn:

2nd June, 2015

New PwC, Harthill, OSCA report

A report on using the Harthill Leadership Development Framework for transformational leadership has been published by PwC Consulting practice. This report was written in collaboration by Jess Leitch and Mark Dawson of PwC, David Rooke of Harthill and Richard Wilson of OSCA.

The hidden talent: Ten ways to identify and retain transformational leaders, shows how – even while organisations are grappling with rapid technological change, stalled growth, global restructuring and the need for forward-thinking – less than one in 10 have the capabilities, attributes and mind sets to lead transformational change and solve wicked problems.

The research behind the report, conducted through a survey of 6000 European professionals’ leadership capabilities by Harthill Consulting, finds that only 8% currently have Strategist leadership capabilities. The good news is that leaders develop thorough distinct stages, or types, towards becoming true strategists.

The work of Strategists, the report proposes, is underpinned by inquiry-based experimentation. They see both the vision and detail, employ positive language and exercise power courageously. They also understand the complexity of the environment in which they’re working and are able to employ passionate detachment. Though Strategists reside in every grouping, the largest proportion of ‘Strategist’ leaders are found in women and in those over 55.

For full report (pdf) click here.

9th October, 2014

David Presents at Leadership Summit of the Education & Training Foundation

"Fascinsting and enlightening" was the description of David's presentation at the Leadership Summit of  The Education & Training Foundation's Leadership in London this Autumn.

If you'd like to see the presentation please click here >>>