Open Events

Harthill's 2017 programme of inspiring, creative and practical events aims to develop and extend the capabilities of those working with the Leadership Development Framework and Profile. 

LDP Essentials - Interpreting a Sentence Completion Form

Facilitators Philip Hayton and Ana Nekrasova

6th, 13th, 20th & 27th October at 4-5pm

Venue Webinar series

£99 + VAT

This webinar series aims to refresh and enhance your understanding of the extraordinary depth, richness and developmental implications of an SCF.  An SCF is a client's own words, revealing subtle meaning-making processes. Extracting that value is a skill, and like any skill it requires practice, coaching, support and opportunities to explore in the learning process.  Interpreting a client's SCF is also a key task in co-creating a great Leadership Development Framework debrief experience … and it allows a better understanding of LDF principles, and their relevance in the real world.

Each of the four sessions in the series will focus on how to ‘make sense of a person’s sense-making’ by diving into one sentence completion form as a group. Each interactive session will look at a different part of the spectrum of development. The process is about learning to see what’s there in an SCF more fully - building confidence to locate what’s developmentally relevant for the client. Our aim is for you to understand and interpret SCFs more thoroughly and more confidently.

Sessions are on Fridays at 4pm (UK) for one hour, over four consecutive weeks from 6th October 2017 (sessions are audio-recorded).   To register email  

Developing teams using the LDF

Facilitators David Rooke, Karen Ellis, Philip Hayton and Nial O'Reilly

Friday 1st December - fully booked!

Venue Beauchamp Lodge, 2 Warwick Crescent, London, W2 6NE

£195 + VAT

This discursive and experiential one-day workshop has been specifically designed for authorised users to explore the use of the Leadership Development Framework and Profile with teams and other work groups, where we share our ideas and draw on several different case studies of teams and work groups in which the LDF has been used to support development.


Ideas associated with ‘vertical’ development are increasingly being used with teams and groups of people.  The dimension of meaning-making, held by individuals and collectively forming the ways-of-working of the team may be the critical issue in the team’s performance. Exploring this may be the key to dealing effectively with issues that have so far eluded the team.  Whilst the LDF is a powerful developmental intervention with a team, it is an approach that sometimes presents challenges.  Many practitioners are concerned about the impact of an apparently hierarchical nature of the instrument. 

The workshop will:

·         explore how to work effectively with the LDF in the context of teams and other work groups

·         consider the processes for introducing teams and groups to the LDF in order to maximise benefit and minimise concerns

·         provide the opportunity to hear from colleagues who have applied the LDF in team and group contexts.

To book or for further information, email Lynn.  

Deepening the practice

Facilitators Karen Ellis, Philip Hayton and David Rooke

5th - 6th February 2018 

Venue Gorse Hill Hotel, Woking

£675  - independent consultants / public sector and not-for-profit organisation.  £795  - for-profit organisations.  Fee includes: all workshop materials, involvement in the virtual forum in 2018, meals and refreshments, one night’s accommodation.

This workshop has been specifically designed for graduates of Harthill’s LDF Authorisation Training Intensive (or similar programmes) who continue to be inspired by what the Leadership Development Framework brings to the development of leaders and organisations.

Our purposes

  • To deepen your practices in using a ‘constructivist’ developmental approach when working with leaders
  • To inquire with you into understanding and applying the core principles and nuances of the LDF Framework
  • To gain a grounded and data-driven understanding of the key internal shifts that occur as people change stage
  • To continue creating a connected community of practitioners working consciously with this developmental approach

We will explore and develop:

  • Ways to use and frame the LDF in working with leaders and organisations whose context and challenges are increasingly complex.  How the development of meaning making confers even more value for leadership in a 'VUCA' world
  • Key Strategist capabilities and practices that can act as a vehicle for the development for Achievers, Individualists and Strategists
  • Supporting key transitions from Achiever, Individualist and Strategist
  • Enhanced interpretation of sentence completion forms discerning current concerns and developmental edges


Participating in ‘Deepening the Practice’ includes an invitation to a bi-monthly Harthill ‘Leadership Development Group’ virtual forum, for one year of mutually directed discussion, exploration and reflection.

To book or for further information, contact