Open Events

Harthill's 2018 programme of inspiring, creative and practical events aims to develop and extend the capabilities of those working with the Leadership Development Framework and Profile.  Plus we have a new Open Programme where LDF Authorisation isn't a pre-requisite - the Art of Developmental Consultation.

Deepening the practice

Facilitators Karen Ellis, Philip Hayton and David Rooke

5th - 6th February 2018 

Venue Gorse Hill Hotel, Woking

£775  - independent consultants / public sector and not-for-profit organisation. 

£895  - for-profit organisations.  Fee includes: all workshop materials, meals and refreshments, one night’s accommodation.

This workshop has been specifically designed for graduates of Harthill’s LDF Authorisation Training Intensive (or similar programmes) who continue to be inspired by what the Leadership Development Framework brings to the development of leaders and organisations.

Our purposes

  • To deepen your practices in using a ‘constructivist’ developmental approach when working with leaders
  • To inquire with you into understanding and applying the core principles and nuances of the LDF Framework
  • To gain a grounded and data-driven understanding of the key internal shifts that occur as people change stage
  • To continue creating a connected community of practitioners working consciously with this developmental approach

We will explore and develop:

  • Ways to use and frame the LDF in working with leaders and organisations whose context and challenges are increasingly complex.  How the development of meaning making confers even more value for leadership in a 'VUCA' world
  • Key Strategist capabilities and practices that can act as a vehicle for the development for Achievers, Individualists and Strategists
  • Supporting key transitions from Achiever, Individualist and Strategist
  • Enhanced interpretation of sentence completion forms discerning current concerns and developmental edges

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The Alchemist

Facilitators Karen Ellis, Philip Hayton and David Rooke

7th - 8th February 2018 - Fully booked

Venue Gorse Hill, Woking

£775  - independent consultants / public sector and not-for-profit organisations

£895  - for profit organisations

Fee includes: all workshop materials, meals and refreshments, one night’s accommodation

Late Stages of development in meaning-making are often described in ways that make them seem mysterious, mystical, spiritual, super-human or heroic. This framing, if true at all, is surely less than half the story. The ‘Alchemist’ Action Logic has also been described as an ‘Integrated’ and ‘Construct Aware’ stage of development, which points to other aspects. These are particularly important to grasp if we are to help ourselves, others, and our fields to develop more fully. 

How can we, as people interested in the development of others and of ourselves, support both the transition towards this ‘third tier’ operating and the, often turbulent, experience of heading into Alchemist?   

This workshop is intended to help us all think together into that question – a rare opportunity to explore the developmental perspective with colleagues interested in the field of adult development, open to exploring their own perspectives and willing to inquire into how their (own) Alchemist shows up in the world.  The learning we embark on together will open up a more rounded and grounded picture of later stage development, with the ‘Alchemist’ Action Logic as a focus.  Over the two days that we work together we will :

•  Experientially explore a range of 'Alchemistic states' and practices to help build our awarenesses of the transitory states which eventually build into a more consistent feel of 'stage'.  We will draw on somatics, process work, constellations and even touch on some shamanic or spiritual practices which allow access to these new states of being.

•  Review the current 'state of play' within the constructivist developmental theories about the Alchemist stage with exacting rigour, bringing theoretical  perspectives of what characterises the meaning-making of this late stage. 

•  Collectively bring our own experience of Alchemist meaning-making – drawing on our self-observations of the patterns of thought, emotion, spiritual and physical awareness. 

•  Draw on direct experience of others as they make meaning-making and act into the world, by consulting with several people who profile at Alchemist (and still work in the 'real world'!) in order to explore their patterns of thought and how they seek to manifest these in the world.

The workshop will of course be mainly experiential and conversational in its format - we will pay great attention to the unfolding dialogue we are creating together.  We look forward to engaging in some very serious play with you and with others who want to think and experience effectively into this space.

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