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6th March, 2019

How organisations are developing late-stage capabilities in their leaders

We are delighted to announce our new one-day workshop - How organisations are developing late-stage capabilities in their leaders - taking place in London on the 14th June.  Looking at the later stage capacities which are required to deal with the increasing complexity and ambiguity of the workplace, we will explore the strategies and behaviours that organisations are utilising to support the 'vertical' development of their leaders. 

We will explore two questions:
* what development interventions are effective
* what structures, processes and discourse in organisations provide a rich context for development.

We are delighted to be able to draw on the experience of two different organisations that have been pushing out adventurously in the development space.  From the US we will hear about the experience of Penske Corporation - a large company not well known on this side of the pond, with a turnover of $26 billion and 50,000 people worldwide.  Penske is a transportation services company whose subsidiaries operate in a variety of industry segments, including retail automotive, truck leasing, transportation logistics and professional motorsports.  We are very excited to have Laura Heaton, VP of Talent Development and Erica Manento, Director of Executive Development with us from Penske.

From Germany we have Stefan Bauer, Transformation and Capabilities Leader at Eli Lilly.  Lilly is a pharmaceutical company that employs 40,000 people worldwide and has a turnover of $23 billion.  As part of the transformation of his own organisation, he has been identifying leading developmental practices in companies and organisations in Germany and he will be sharing what he has discovered, and challenging us to think more radically about what organisations can do to develop their people.

Contact Lynn to book or for further information.

14th January, 2019

LDF Training Intensive - now online!

Harthill are delighted to launch the new online LDF Authorisation Training Intensive, starting on the 1st March.  Our LDF Authorisation Training Intensive is now in its twentieth year having trained hundreds of development professionals across the globe and we are delighted to add a virtual training programme (alongside our three-day residential programme in the exquisite West Dean College), to open up this training opportunity to more people living overseas. The online training process is still highly personalised and of the highest quality, with a group size of up to twelve participants, but much more convenient to access and is offered at a significantly reduced price. 
Our new ONLINE Authorisation Training Intensive offers the (all-inclusive) benefits of:
Training in the convenience of your own home/office, with no added travel time or costs
Your LDP Profile and online 1:1 Coaching Debrief with our most experienced consultants
Great teaching and learning about Constructivist Leadership Development – an exciting field growing hugely in influence and relevance in recent years 
Becoming ‘Authorised’ to commission LDP Reports and to debrief them with your clients 
Accessing a thriving and evolving global community of ‘development practitioners’, with regular updates, online webinars, and one-day events run by Harthill. 
Invitation-only access to practitioner development programmes and advanced training
Past attendees of our Authorisation programmes have savoured the mix of personal and professional learning from the programme. 
‘I have been working as a coach full-time for over twelve years and using the LDF now for five years. No other framework has influenced me, my practice, or my clients in the way the LDF has. It has had, and continues to have, a transformational impact on me and my work.’ Nial O’Reilly, CEO Ignite.
Becoming authorised to use the LDF Profile also gives access to the growing and exceptional community of global LDF practitioners and an on-going programme of workshops and webinars to deepen and extend knowledge and understanding, for not only professional development, but for personal growth.  
For more information please contact Lynn who will be delighted to hear from you.

7th January, 2019

Developing Strategist Capabilities

Kicking off our 2019 programme of events, Harthill will be hosting a one-day practical workshop on Developing Strategist Capabilities on Friday 22nd March at Beauchamp Lodge in London.

Between 2% and 5% of leaders in large organisations profile at the Action Logic named Strategist.  This Action Logic is associated with meaning-making that is most able to engage with, and lead in complexity and ambiguity.  Increasingly leaders report the need to be able to lead in these conditions, but can they?   The transition from the Primary Action Logic of Individualist (where typically 20 – 25% of organisational leaders profile) to Strategist is elusive – few leaders within organisations make this step.  

Facilitated by Philip Hayton and David Rooke, the workshop will explore how the capabilities demonstrated by leaders with a Primary Strategist Action Logic can be adopted by leaders whose Primary Action Logics are Achiever or Individualist. This approach expands their leadership repertoire and has an underlying impact on their meaning-making capacity.  We will focus on key transformational capabilities demonstrated by Strategist leaders and explore what attention and practices may lead to these being of service to leaders. This process starts by making the leaders aware of their own meaning-making so that they can then develop many of the key transformational capabilities to stretch their own effectiveness within their current meaning-making structure. Working experientially and supported by live interviews with Strategist leaders, we will explore activities and practices that individuals can undertake to grow their transformational capabilities.

Contact Lynn to book or for more details.  

17th December, 2018

2019 programme of events

We are delighted to announce our exciting new programme of Harthill events for the coming year.  It looks to be another Action Logic-packed year!

Developing Strategist Capabilities – 22 March – Beauchamp Lodge, London - £195+VAT
This one-day practical workshop focuses on the Strategist Action Logic, to inquire into what the key Strategist capabilities are and how they can be practically supported and developed.  Working experientially we will explore activities and practices that individuals can undertake to grow in ‘transformational intelligence’. These can be key to shifts in both capabilities and the deeper intelligences which inform and empower development in ourselves and others.

How organisations are developing late-stage capabilities in their leaders – 14 June – Beauchamp Lodge, London - £195+VAT
This one-day workshop will explore the strategies and behaviours that organisations can utilise to support the development of their leaders towards later stage capabilities. We will hear from two organisations that have been working innovatively with ‘vertical development’ and explore with them what works and what has been more frustrating.

Alchemist – 3-4 September – Gorse Hill, Woking – from £775+VAT
Following the highly-regarded Alchemist residential event a year ago, we are offering this rare event again in 2019.  How can we, as people interested in the development of others and of ourselves, support both the transition towards the ‘third tier’ operating and the, often turbulent, experience of heading into Alchemist?   This workshop is intended to help us engage with that question together – a rare opportunity to explore the developmental perspective with colleagues interested in the field of adult development, open to exploring their own perspectives and willing to inquire into how their own Alchemist operates.  This progressive learning will open up a more rounded and grounded picture of later stage development, with the Alchemist Action Logic as a focus.

Deepening the Practice; a Level 2 LDF workshop – 5-6 September – Gorse Hill, Woking – from £775+VAT
Attending this Level 2 workshop will deepen your practices in using a ‘constructivist’ developmental approach when working with leaders.  We will inquire with you into understanding and applying the core principles and deeper layers and nuances of the LDF and how you can use it with clients and yourself. Participants will gain a grounded and data-driven understanding of the key internal shifts that occur as people change stage, and benefit from the growing connected community of practitioners working consciously with this developmental approach.
The workshop will explore and develop ways to use and frame the LDF in working with leaders and organisations whose context and challenges are increasingly complex, and how the development of meaning-making confers even more value for leadership in a 'VUCA' world.  It will also look at the key Strategist capabilities and practices that can act as a vehicle for the development of Achievers, Individualists and Strategists.  The two days will also include supporting key transitions from Achiever, Individualist and Strategist, and enhanced interpretation of sentence completion forms - discerning current concerns and developmental edges.

The Achiever; consolidating and moving on – 4 and 11 October – online - £195+VAT
The online version of our Achiever workshop will explore supporting individuals to develop later stage capabilities and how to engage organisations to create the context in which later stage capabilities may thrive.  Working with recorded client cases it will explore how coaches can identify where there is an emerging appetite for transition in individuals and explore strategies for supporting individuals who find themselves residing at Achiever and yet sense a capacity for something different.  The workshop will also look at how to extend awareness of, and ability to create the organisational conditions in which development beyond Achiever may thrive.

Plus for those not currently LDF authorised:
LDF on-line Authorisation Training Intensive – 5, 12 and 19 March  – £995+VAT
A short-day format over three consecutive weeks with materials provided in advance, and a pre- and post-course webinar.  Cost includes participant’s LDP Report and two commissioned profiles and support calls.
LDF residential Authorisation Training Intensive – 22-24 May and 6-8  November – West Dean College, Chichester – from £1550+VAT
We really hope there is something of interest for everyone. 

19th September, 2018

New 2019 dates for LDF Authorisation

Harthill are pleased to announce new dates for the Leadership Development Framework authorisation workshop in 2019.   This three-day workshop, facilitated by David Rooke and Philip Hayton, will take place on the 22nd to 24th May and 6th to 8th November next year at its customary venue, the beautiful West Dean College in Chichester.

There are nearly 500 certified LDF practitioners world-wide and participants' experience of the Authorisation Training Intensive are consistently outstanding.  Here are some testimonials of recent participants!

“The training wasn’t just an authorisation process to use a great tool, it was this plus a beautiful, connected and nourishing personal development experience in an awesome place with very special people.”

“The LDF Authorisation Training Intensive isn’t a course, exactly. Nor is it merely a process by which you become a legitimate user of a learning tool. Either or both of these would have been enough, and if they are what you are seeking, you can be sure you will get them. I am very glad that we were offered so much more too, though. These three days bring the framework alive. Whatever openness you bring to engaging with your own meaning-making is magnified, and cracked open, and bounced high into wide open space. Superb facilitators, a gorgeous and learning-conducive venue, and freedom to engage exactly as you want and need to, make this a truly rich event.”

“A must -have if you want clarity, growth, more acceptance and compassion for self and others - and to have leadership modelled by facilitators and individuals within the group.  A warm and generative learning experience thank you.”

You can find more information here, or by emailing Lynn, or phone Harthill on 01600 714419.

31st July, 2018

Fourth edition of the Harthill Sentence Completion Form

We are delighted to announce the latest release of the Harthill Sentence Completion Form.  This is the fourth major iteration of the Harthill SCF since its first use in 1997, which has gradually evolved new stems and thus insights into meaning-making for clients, coaches, consultants and development professionals.   

This latest iteration has four new stems: For me, development…, A digitally connected world…, I’d love to see.., and A healthy organisation…, which have been specifically designed and tested for six months. It continues to ensure the SCF’s validity and effectiveness in detecting a full range of Action Logics and providing contemporary and relevant insights for debriefs. The new stems look at contemporary constructs such as healthy organisations, vision, development and our new digital world.

The new SCF will “go live” for scoring on the 8th August, although the current version will continue to be useable until further notice.  All authorised users have been invited to join our webinar on the 3rd August to introduce all the changes, with a Q&A session.  The webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend.    

27th June, 2018

New webinar series for Autumn 2018

Harthill have announced this year's LDP Essentials webinar series on debriefing a post-conventional LDF profile to take place on Fridays from 12th October.  This new webinar series aims to develop our practitioners' confidence and refresh skills debriefing a post-conventional LDF profile.  Post-conventional debriefs have their own unique flavour and are well worth reflecting deeply upon.  

​Debriefs are the final step in the LDP process of: SCF, report and debrief.  They are a continuation of the LDP analysis and a deepening of an inquiry into the client’s meaning-making, ensuring the end result is a good fit for the client and a springboard for them to work precisely with their own 'developmental sweet spot'.  Each of the four sessions in the series will focus on one part of the LDP process.  We will build the learning using a ‘live’ (recorded) Late Individualist pre- and post- debrief process - an SCF, a support call, a de-brief, and a follow-up discussion. The four sessions will be: SCF interpretation in preparation for the debrief (including looking at a recent Late Individualist report that includes a Commentary);  A support call and the debrief itself, including how we think about and offer developmental suggestions; Reflection on the whole process of the debrief and how it went - learning through the experience; and Distillation of this learning and reflecting on post-conventional development and debriefing more broadly.  

There will be material provided to review in advance of each webinar, and ample time for discussion, shared learning, and questions especially in week four.  Sessions are on Fridays 12th, 19th, 26th October and 9th November at 4pm (UK) for one hour - sessions will be audio-recorded and we will be utilising various anonymised materials from an actual client and coach relationship for this event, thanks to their generous agreement.  

3rd May, 2018



Join us for an interactive and action-packed day on the 20th September with other senior Learning and Development practitioners to explore new tools and practices to grow your own and your executives' capacity to lead in today's complex world.  A joint initiative between Cultivating Leadership, Harthill Consulting and MDV Consulting, the event gives a rare opportunity to hear from world experts in the field of adult development and complexity including internationally acclaimed Jennifer Garvey Berger.   

This remarkable and unique event will have you off your seat; hearing some of the sharpest, most relevant ideas about leading in complexity, talking with other practitioners at the leading edge, and exploring some of your most thorny organisational challenges.  Sessions will be facilitated by a remarkable team of development professionals acknowledged for their passion for change and learning at the forefront of their fields, and who captivate audiences worldwide as keynote presenters and lauded authors.

You will leave feeling transformed with a host of informal and formal support mechanisms and peer connections who can encourage and support you on your journey of inquiry, experimentation and advancement in introducing new thinking and new actions.   Creating unique solutions and new leadership approaches requires developing different mind-sets and using different patterns to tackle problems!

Unlocking the start of a life-changing journey, the event is being hosted at The Bike Shed, an iconic central London venue celebrating the progress of transportation through a dedicated motorcycle culture displayed within redeveloped railway arches.  You can find more information or book through a dedicated website or emailing the team.

10th April, 2018

Three spaces left on The Achiever - consolidating and moving on

We only have three spaces left on our next workshop, The Achiever - consolidating and moving on, having announced it less than a week ago!  Being held on the 16th July in London, the workshop will explore the capacities required of leaders in the complex and ambiguous organisational environments of today.   

This workshop will explore supporting individuals to develop later stage capabilities and how to engage organisations to create the context in which later stage capabilities may thrive.  Working with several live client cases it will explore how coaches can identify where there is an emerging appetite for transition in individuals and explore strategies for supporting individuals who find themselves residing at Achiever and yet sense a capacity for something different.   The intention will be to extend your existing strategies, tools and practices for supporting the development of Achiever leaders.

Furthermore, a key issue for many leaders as they start a transition from Achiever concerns the degree to which the organisation is ready for them!  As one participant said recently “Can we create the conditions in which I can experiment with these (later stage capabilities) without being ‘tissue-rejected’ ?”  This is a complex and deeply seated issue – there are no magic bullets, and there are some approaches we can take that are more, rather than less, useful.  We will look at how to extend your awareness of, and ability to, create the organisational conditions in which development beyond Achiever may thrive.