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27th March, 2017

David Rooke to speak at Royal College of Physicians Lilly Lecture

Harthill is delighted to have David Rooke invited to deliver this year's Royal College of Physicians Lilly lecture in association with the Faculty for Medical Leadership on the 20th April 2017.

The unceasing mixture of medical, social, political and economic pressures arguably makes leading in the NHS signifcantly more challenging than it has ever been and perhaps one of the most difficult of environments in which to work. Budgets are currently flat whilst demand rises year on year.  Leaders are stretched. Working harder in an already full-on system isn’t a useful response – the viable option is to work smarter, individually and collectively.  But working smarter isn’t something that can be conjured up or simply willed – it requires personal and organisational investments in development.

David will explore the six key capabilities demonstrated by leaders who thrive in the face of messy complexity and are demonstrated by leaders who seem most able to make sense of the multiple challenges they face.  He will also explore what organisations can do to support the development and performance of leaders able to survive and then thrive in this deep complexity.

There are certainly no magic bullets, no single solutions, but there are mindsets that can be adopted and actions that can be taken by leaders which respond positively to the complexity before them.


* The annual Lilly lecture was established by Lilly Industries Ltd with the Royal College of Physicians in 1966 and since 2011 has focused on medical leadership with support from the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.


1st March, 2017

Deepening the Practice - a resounding success

Our Level 2 Deepening the Practice workshops which took place in December and February, were a long-held aspiration: to take the work with authorised practitioners a big step further, radically deepening our thinking and practice about how the LDF can inform our work with leaders and human development.

The feedback from the two events has been extremely positive and we were thrilled to work with such highly experienced practitioners from other leader development organisations groups from Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe.  

Involving participants who have been working with the LDF - some were first authorised by Harthill in the LDF leadership profiling tool in 2000! - it was a delight to meet practitioners still excited, passionate, and engaged with the LDF, and human development. 

Harthill’s work continues to grow through such collaborative conversations with leading practitioners in the field, organisational interventions in the form of leadership development programmes, and ongoing writing and research.   We’re looking forward to continuing to share our thinking about leadership transformation, adult development, and how this translates into constructive team and organisational evolution. 

8th December, 2016

Latest LDF Authorisation Training

18 participants ranging from independent consultants to representatives of international organisations, gathered to train to become accredited Leadership Development Framework users, in our latest Training Intensive held in November.    

Philip Hayton, our new Director of LDF Development & Quality from the facilitation team said “Each time I’ve attended an LDF Authorisation Intensive, I’m struck by the depth of integrity and practice that is emerging within the field of leadership development in its broadest sense. There is no doubt that such work is more needed and relevant now than ever, and it’s a privilege to participate in it.”

Workshop participants go on to demonstrate their understanding of this developmental framework in practice by commissioning Leadership Development Profiles under the guidance of our consultants, to gain their LDF accreditation.  We wish them the best of luck and look forward to welcoming them to a thriving community of LDF authorised users!  

Participants from the UK, Ireland and Hong Kong at West Dean College, November 2016.





Next year's Authorisation training takes place in May and November - contact Lynn for booking or further information.

28th November, 2016

Harthill to host its first workshop on The Individualist

Harthill is to host its first workshop specifically exploring the often misunderstood Action Logic of Individualist.  

In this workshop we will explore this important developmental stage in depth.   We will be generating increased understanding about the internal process that creates meaning-making at this Action Logic and exploring how to support people at the Individualist Action Logic towards greater effectiveness within the Logic and in transition towards the Strategist.  We also explode some of the myths and clichés about how the Individualist ‘shows up’  (for example - it is inevitably a stage of introspective naval gazing and dithering).  

In this discursive and experiential workshop open to all authorised LDF users, we share our ideas and anonymised client case studies. We’ll use our own (fascinating) case studies to explore what it means professionally and personally to be at this stage and what developmental interventions may be most appropriate.

Facilitators David Rooke, Karen Ellis and Philip Hayton, look forward to seeing old and new acquaintances on Friday 7th April in London. To book or for further information, email

13th September, 2016

Harthill's first ever Deepening the Practice Level 2 LDF workshop sold out in 24 hours!

Harthill's first ever Deepening the Practice in December sold out within 24 hours so we have scheduled a further Deepening the Practice workshop on the 9th and 10th February 2017.  This workshop is specifically designed for graduates of Harthill’s LDF Authorisation Intensive (or similar programmes) who continue to be inspired by what the Leadership Development Framework brings to the development of leaders and organisations.

Attending this Level 2 workshop will deepen your practices in using a ‘constructivist’ developmental approach when working with leaders.  We will inquire with you into understanding and applying the core principles and nuances of the LDF Framework.  Furthermore participants will gain a grounded and data-driven understanding of the key internal shifts that occur as people change stage, and benefit from the growing connected community of practitioners working consciously with this developmental approach.

The workshop will explore and develop ways to use and frame the LDF in working with leaders and organisations whose context and challenges are increasingly complex, and how the development of meaning-making confers even more value for leadership in a 'VUCA' world.  It will also look at the key Strategist capabilities and practices that can act as a vehicle for the development for Achievers, Individualists and Strategists.  The two days will also include supporting key transitions from Achiever, Individualist and Strategist, and enhanced interpretation of sentence completion forms - discerning current concerns and developmental edges.

Participating in Deepening the Practice includes an invitation to six bi-monthly Harthill Leadership Development Group virtual forums, for mutually directed discussion, exploration and reflection.

Harthill are delighted to have Dr Philip Hayton join Karen Ellis and David Rooke to facilitate this new venture.  For more information on venue and fees, please contact

6th September, 2016

David Rooke to speak at Leaders in Healthcare 2016

David is confirmed to speak at a major gathering of healthcare leaders in Liverpool on the 1st November as part of a two-day conference Leaders in Healthcare 2016.

News coverage shows just how difficult it is to lead in the NHS. David will explore why there has never been a more crucial time in medical leadership for a step-up in leadership capability. David is working with Dr Steve Allder, a consultant neurologist with a keen interest in leading change in the NHS.

Leaders face a barrage of increasingly tough and competing political, economic, social, technical and ethical issues. However, the capabilities of leaders, particularly at senior levels, are not expanding at the same rate as the challenges facing them. This failure doesn’t lie with individuals but with a system which inadequately supports the development of the right leadership capabilities. As research shows, only 3 to 5% of leaders in large organisations have these capabilities – a developmental challenge of no small magnitude for the NHS. David will explore what strategies can be adopted to develop leaders’ ‘transformational intelligence’ – the underlying ability to make sense of complexity and turbulence.

Leaders in Healthcare 2016, organised by the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management (FMLM) and BMJ, and supported by NHS England, will welcome over 1,000 active and aspiring leaders in UK and international medicine and healthcare.  It aims to showcase the latest ideas and leading speakers, bringing knowledge and solutions to support the future of medical and healthcare leadership and management.   Building on the success of the previous FMLM national conferences, Leaders in Healthcare 2016 brings an international flavour to the discussions with international speakers and delegates in attendance.

25th August, 2016

New Director of Research and Development appointed

Harthill are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Philip Hayton as Director of Research and Development.  Philip is a chartered psychologist with more than 15 years professional experience in a range of roles and organisations.  He is an experienced leadership coach and has completed an MBA at Ashridge International Business School where he researched leadership in complex collaborative systems.

Philip is responsible for extending the understanding and applications of the Leadership Development Framework for leaders and consultants working in the complex environment of today’s organisations.  As the number of leaders profiled using the LDF passes 7000, Philip will continue to maintain the relevance, rigour and added value of the LDF profiling and debriefing process from beginning to end.  He will continue to support and develop an evolving community of previously authorised and new users of the LDF, providing a leading edge in both thinking and practice.

Philip is keen to hear from practitioners and others interested in existing, or potential Harthill offerings related to coaching, strategic leadership development, talent development, and organisational development internationally.

You can find more information about Philp on our website or LinkedIN.

9th May, 2016

New 2017 dates for LDF authorisation

Harthill are pleased to announce new dates for the Leadership Development Framework authorisation workshop in 2017.   This three-day workshop, facilitated by David Rooke and Karen Ellis, will take place on the 3rd to 5th May next year at its customary venue, the beautiful West Dean College in Chichester.

This increasingly popular workshop is booking out months in advance, with the November 2016 workshop already more than half full.   Lynn Draper, Project Manager for the Leadership Development Framework Profile has noticed a marked increase in interest from consultants and corporate managers, and has accordingly secured this further workshop for 2017 to cope with the demand.

A diverse yet compatible range of participants attend each workshop and from an increasingly international base.  The workshop to be held later on this month has attracted a great mix, from consultants to Presidents of companies, and representing organisations as diverse as charities, global banking, distribution and energy.

You can find more information here, or by emailing Lynn, or phone Harthill on 01600 714419.

3rd February, 2016

May LDF Authorisation – already fully booked and brimming over!

Our May LDF Authorisation training course is now fulled booked and we are operating a waiting list in case any our participants cancel.  We are looking forward to welcoming everyone in May, some of whom are travelling from as far away as France, Switzerland, Russia and even Australia!

The LDF Authorisation Training is proving increasingly popular, but we will be running another course on the 2nd to 4th November - please contact Lynn if you'd like to register your interest.

The training provides an opportunity for people to become authorised users of the Leadership Development Framework and the associated profiling.  For further information click here.