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2nd June, 2015

New PwC, Harthill, OSCA report

A report on using the Harthill Leadership Development Framework for transformational leadership has been published by PwC Consulting practice. This report was written in collaboration by Jess Leitch and Mark Dawson of PwC, David Rooke of Harthill and Richard Wilson of OSCA.

The hidden talent: Ten ways to identify and retain transformational leaders, shows how – even while organisations are grappling with rapid technological change, stalled growth, global restructuring and the need for forward-thinking – less than one in 10 have the capabilities, attributes and mind sets to lead transformational change and solve wicked problems.

The research behind the report, conducted through a survey of 6000 European professionals’ leadership capabilities by Harthill Consulting, finds that only 8% currently have Strategist leadership capabilities. The good news is that leaders develop thorough distinct stages, or types, towards becoming true strategists.

The work of Strategists, the report proposes, is underpinned by inquiry-based experimentation. They see both the vision and detail, employ positive language and exercise power courageously. They also understand the complexity of the environment in which they’re working and are able to employ passionate detachment. Though Strategists reside in every grouping, the largest proportion of ‘Strategist’ leaders are found in women and in those over 55.

For full report (pdf) click here.

9th October, 2014

David Presents at Leadership Summit of the Education & Training Foundation

"Fascinsting and enlightening" was the description of David's presentation at the Leadership Summit of  The Education & Training Foundation's Leadership in London this Autumn.

If you'd like to see the presentation please click here >>>

1st May, 2014

Full & Brimming Over!

The May 2014 Transforming Leadership the Authorisation Intensive was full to capacity with participants coming from Australia, Poland, France, the US, Ireland and the UK.

The next Transforming Leadership Authorisation Intensive is November 19th – 21st, 2014 in the UK at the beautiful and intriguing venue of West Dean College, Chichester.  

Karen Ellis and David Rooke will be delivering the three-day intensive.

The nature of the programme necessitates a restricted number. Please book early.

14th February, 2014

Big Valentine Heart & Soul

Participants and facilitators of Fujitsu’s GOLD 2014 leadership program raised over $10,000 (US) for children's charities in India.

Following one module, in Pune India, many participants were moved by the desperate needs of some children and the remarkable work of several charities. Taking true leadership a group of managers mobilised both cohorts of the program, and with sponsorship from Harthill and Fujitsu have raised in excess of $10,000 – 100% of which went to two charities in India.

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15th November, 2013

We've Moved!

Drybridge House

Harthill’s new office now resides in the historic building, Drybridge House. A thriving community building set in beautiful gardens.

Address - Drybridge House, Drybridge Park, Rockfield Road, Monmouth, NP25 5AS

Telephone - 01600 714 419