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31st July, 2018

Fourth edition of the Harthill Sentence Completion Form

We are delighted to announce the latest release of the Harthill Sentence Completion Form.  This is the fourth major iteration of the Harthill SCF since its first use in 1997, which has gradually evolved new stems and thus insights into meaning-making for clients, coaches, consultants and development professionals.   

This latest iteration has four new stems: For me, development…, A digitally connected world…, I’d love to see.., and A healthy organisation…, which have been specifically designed and tested for six months. It continues to ensure the SCF’s validity and effectiveness in detecting a full range of Action Logics and providing contemporary and relevant insights for debriefs. The new stems look at contemporary constructs such as healthy organisations, vision, development and our new digital world.

The new SCF will “go live” for scoring on the 8th August, although the current version will continue to be useable until further notice.  All authorised users have been invited to join our webinar on the 3rd August to introduce all the changes, with a Q&A session.  The webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend.    

27th June, 2018

New webinar series for Autumn 2018

Harthill have announced this year's LDP Essentials webinar series on debriefing a post-conventional LDF profile to take place on Fridays from 12th October.  This new webinar series aims to develop our practitioners' confidence and refresh skills debriefing a post-conventional LDF profile.  Post-conventional debriefs have their own unique flavour and are well worth reflecting deeply upon.  

​Debriefs are the final step in the LDP process of: SCF, report and debrief.  They are a continuation of the LDP analysis and a deepening of an inquiry into the client’s meaning-making, ensuring the end result is a good fit for the client and a springboard for them to work precisely with their own 'developmental sweet spot'.  Each of the four sessions in the series will focus on one part of the LDP process.  We will build the learning using a ‘live’ (recorded) Late Individualist pre- and post- debrief process - an SCF, a support call, a de-brief, and a follow-up discussion. The four sessions will be: SCF interpretation in preparation for the debrief (including looking at a recent Late Individualist report that includes a Commentary);  A support call and the debrief itself, including how we think about and offer developmental suggestions; Reflection on the whole process of the debrief and how it went - learning through the experience; and Distillation of this learning and reflecting on post-conventional development and debriefing more broadly.  

There will be material provided to review in advance of each webinar, and ample time for discussion, shared learning, and questions especially in week four.  Sessions are on Fridays 12th, 19th, 26th October and 9th November at 4pm (UK) for one hour - sessions will be audio-recorded and we will be utilising various anonymised materials from an actual client and coach relationship for this event, thanks to their generous agreement.  

3rd May, 2018



Join us for an interactive and action-packed day on the 20th September with other senior Learning and Development practitioners to explore new tools and practices to grow your own and your executives' capacity to lead in today's complex world.  A joint initiative between Cultivating Leadership, Harthill Consulting and MDV Consulting, the event gives a rare opportunity to hear from world experts in the field of adult development and complexity including internationally acclaimed Jennifer Garvey Berger.   

This remarkable and unique event will have you off your seat; hearing some of the sharpest, most relevant ideas about leading in complexity, talking with other practitioners at the leading edge, and exploring some of your most thorny organisational challenges.  Sessions will be facilitated by a remarkable team of development professionals acknowledged for their passion for change and learning at the forefront of their fields, and who captivate audiences worldwide as keynote presenters and lauded authors.

You will leave feeling transformed with a host of informal and formal support mechanisms and peer connections who can encourage and support you on your journey of inquiry, experimentation and advancement in introducing new thinking and new actions.   Creating unique solutions and new leadership approaches requires developing different mind-sets and using different patterns to tackle problems!

Unlocking the start of a life-changing journey, the event is being hosted at The Bike Shed, an iconic central London venue celebrating the progress of transportation through a dedicated motorcycle culture displayed within redeveloped railway arches.  You can find more information or book through a dedicated website or emailing the team.

10th April, 2018

Three spaces left on The Achiever - consolidating and moving on

We only have three spaces left on our next workshop, The Achiever - consolidating and moving on, having announced it less than a week ago!  Being held on the 16th July in London, the workshop will explore the capacities required of leaders in the complex and ambiguous organisational environments of today.   

This workshop will explore supporting individuals to develop later stage capabilities and how to engage organisations to create the context in which later stage capabilities may thrive.  Working with several live client cases it will explore how coaches can identify where there is an emerging appetite for transition in individuals and explore strategies for supporting individuals who find themselves residing at Achiever and yet sense a capacity for something different.   The intention will be to extend your existing strategies, tools and practices for supporting the development of Achiever leaders.

Furthermore, a key issue for many leaders as they start a transition from Achiever concerns the degree to which the organisation is ready for them!  As one participant said recently “Can we create the conditions in which I can experiment with these (later stage capabilities) without being ‘tissue-rejected’ ?”  This is a complex and deeply seated issue – there are no magic bullets, and there are some approaches we can take that are more, rather than less, useful.  We will look at how to extend your awareness of, and ability to, create the organisational conditions in which development beyond Achiever may thrive.

14th March, 2018

David Rooke at The Bird Table conference 9th March

David was delighted to be guest speaker at The Bird Table conference last week where he explored with participants the impact of how they ‘make meaning’ on their actions as coaches and leaders. The idea of ‘vertical development’ – that there is a pathway of development towards greater maturity and wisdom, is of particular interest to coaches. 

The participants joined in with his exploration of how we can  move towards ever more mature and complex ways of seeing and acting  – and what consultants and coaches can do to support this movement in leaders, as well as in themselves.  A crucial exploration was the role that discernment (the ability to notice and choose with great awareness) and courage plays in the life of leaders (well all of us in fact).   Inspiring stories of courage in the lives of participants were shared – we all have a deep reservoir of courage to call on.

What should individuals do to develop?  Firstly take the possibility of their development seriously (whilst not taking themselves too seriously!) and invest time and energy in activities that support the emergence of new awareness.

1st February, 2018

Breakfast at the Mondrian


In our first Harthill-MDV collaborative event we welcomed Thierry Bonetto, Head of Learning & Development at Danone to speak about their Transformational Leadership Programme.  We were delighted to be joined by guests from Aviva, AG Barr, BP, Citi, Civil Service, DIT, GWR, Johnson Matthey, London Stock Exchange, Mars, Smith Group and Veon.

Now in its fifth year, Danone’s Transformational Leadership Programme supports senior leaders, such as country general managers, functional head and brand leaders to simultaneously transform their own leadership and the organisation around them.

Designing a leadership programme that “hits the mark” is fraught with challenges and participants were intrigued to hear Thierry talk about the risks he took in this innovate approach.  The partnership of Harthill and Danone evolved through the initial inquiry workshop (what does leadership here need and what can Harthill bring?), through a pilot process and then a continually adapted roll out.

Six key ‘transformational’ capabilities were identified and explored in depth – equipping each leader with tools and practices to develop and extend their leadership.

Our guests, who are at different stages of commissioning and delivering their own leadership programme, brought their challenges and perspectives to the discussion, providing a thought provoking and discursive morning for all.    

8th January, 2018

The Art of Developmental Consultation

We are delighted to launch our ground-breaking new open programme starting in April, which has been carefully designed for experienced consultants, coaches or facilitators who want to add a new dimension to their work to deepen the developmental impact with clients through an innovative Developmental Consultation approach using the Leadership Development Framework (LDF).    

Developmental Consultation is a professional relational artistry where we can appraise the "shape" of a client's current and emerging sense-making so we can be more strategic with intervention choice, moving further from a "one size fits all" to intervening with more precision and power at a client's "leading edge" for development.  We can foster their natural growth edges and help to bring new capacities on-stream to use with everyday issues for individuals, teams and organisations.  We can even see hidden meaning-making mismatches in the client's intended and actual process.  

The core aims of the programme are to Empower you to learn, experience, explore and practice the Art of Developmental Consultation with clients and systems; To nurture our ever-growing community of alumni advancing ‘development’ in the field; And to provide an optional module to gain LDF Authorised status.   

Module 1: Appraisal & Developmental Assessment 19th-20th Apr (& 14th May pm online)    Module 2: Relational Processes 13th 15th June (& 6th July pm online)    Module 3: Creating Systemic Impact 10th-11th Sept (& 20th Sept pm online): (Optional)     Module 4: LDF Authorisation 1 day & online, dates tbc – LDF Authorisation fast-track bolt-on. 

Fo find out more information please look at our brochure

11th October, 2017

The Alchemist

We've had a fantastic response to our latest workshop! Only five spaces remain available for The Alchemist two-day residential workshop on 7th – 8th February.

Late Stages of development in meaning-making are often described in ways that make them seem mysterious, mystical, spiritual, super-human or heroic. This framing, if true at all, is surely less than half the story. The ‘Alchemist’ Action Logic has also been described as an ‘Integrated’ and ‘Construct Aware’ stage of development, which points to other aspects. These are particularly important to grasp if we are to help ourselves, others, and our fields to develop more fully. 

How can we, as people interested in the development of others and of ourselves, support both the transition towards this ‘third tier’ operating and the, often turbulent, experience of heading into Alchemist?   

This workshop is intended to help us all think together into that question – a rare opportunity to explore the developmental perspective with colleagues interested in the field of adult development, open to exploring their own perspectives and willing to inquire into how their (own) Alchemist shows up in the world.  The learning we embark on together will open up a more rounded and grounded picture of later stage development, with the ‘Alchemist’ Action Logic as a focus.

The workshop will of course be mainly experiential and conversational in its format - we will pay great attention to the unfolding dialogue we are creating together.  We look forward to engaging in some very serious play with you and with others who want to think and experience effectively into this space.

12th September, 2017

Harthill and MDV Consulting announce a strategic alliance

Harthill have announced today a strategic alliance with MDV Consulting, the niche talent and leadership consultancy. The alliance will support and accelerate the use of capacity building solutions in the people strategies of businesses seeking responses to complex and unpredictable environments. The two organisations will work more closely together to provide transformational people solutions across the human-resource life cycle.

MDV Consulting has been spearheading the practical implementation of vertical development concepts into company-wide talent systems. Drawing upon extensive research and expertise, their leading-edge approach is being used by many blue-chip UK clients to build the capacity of their people to create more sustainable and agile businesses.

"The pressures on leaders and businesses in today’s fluctuating and multi-dimensional environments are immense,” said David Rooke, Director of Harthill Consulting. “The need to cope with and make sense of the demands of modern life is driving more organisations to equip their leaders and potential leaders with the capacity and perspectives to rise to these challenges.  We know MDV Consulting well and share an enviable client list. By combining our science with their practical solutions, our clients are able to access greater insight on how to get the most out of their leadership talent. They will also see the additional benefits of accessing a larger corporate network and the exchange of ideas.”

"We are extremely excited about the additional benefits this alliance brings to our clients,” said Mike Vessey, Managing Partner of MDV Consulting. “It builds on Harthill's unique perspective and international experience in developing leadership capability, with MDV’s best in class talent consulting, leadership assessment and development solutions. Our collective experience translates into a greater knowledge of what works to deliver transformational people results. Together we can now offer advice and expertise from start to finish; talent strategies, capability frameworks, leadership assessment and development, through to performance management and coaching.  Our combined network of associates offers an expanded breadth of HR specialisms, along with expertise in the field of vertical development. Additionally we can deliver global solutions through a mutual international associate network.”

The management and administration of the LDF Profile remains entirely with Harthill.