Becoming an authorised user of the LDP

The LDF Authorisation Training Intensive (online or residential) enables coaches, consultants and development professionals to use the Leadership Development Framework and Profile to add depth and critical development perspectives to their work with leaders.  This profiling process and subsequent coaching debrief has helped thousands of leaders to become more self-aware of their meaning-making processes and what development routes might add to their ability to lead in complex and ambiguous times. The LDF Profile is a highly validated instrument and each bespoke LDF profile uniquely provides insight into an individual’s strategic, personal and interpersonal capacities and identifies a leader’s development edges, and in particular those capabilities needed for transformational leadership. It is used across cultures and for many purposes - from programme delivery, to coaching, to self-based work and personal development.

As an LDF-Authorised consultant you can commission and debrief LDF Profiles with individuals, teams and organisations. The training provides you with an in-depth understanding of adult constructivist development principles, how to apply these practically and how to conduct insightful LDF Coaching Debriefs.  It’s not just a ‘train the trainer’ - you will have the opportunities to reflect on your own Action Logics and how they impact your work and life. Participants’ experiences are consistently outstanding.  Authorisation training will equip you with:

  • The knowledge and skills to use the Leadership Development Profile and development theory in your work with leaders, teams and organisations learning to use the LDF as a powerful way of developing others
  •  Conduct deeply developmental coaching debriefs with clients
  •  Build the principles and practices of adult constructivist development into your broader coaching and team development

Understanding how we make meaning was a turning point for me in understanding how I can relate to others on a different level. I have a new found appreciation for my  Action Logic, an inkling that I’ve stepped forward on my own developmental journey and I know that the different perspective taking will add value to my effectiveness as  an individual and my ability to get better outcomes with the work I do.”  Amy Newnham, Organisational Business Partner

Authorisation gives access to a thriving and exceptional community of hundreds of global development professionals trained as LDF practitioners. There is access to further training and development events which deepen and extend your own growth and your professional capabilities.

The Authorisation process:

1. Apply to Harthill for a place on an Authorisation Training Intensive
2. Fill out a sentence completion form and receive your LDF Profile and Coaching Debrief
3. Attend either an intensive three-day residential workshop or an on-line learning process
4. You invite two people of your choice to be profiled (there is no charge for this)
5. You have a support call with us prior to each coaching debrief, to ensure you feel ready and for Harthill to ensure you have grasped the fundamental approach to an LDF Coaching Debrief
6. Optional follow-up webinars are available to consolidate and extend your learning and capabilities

The next Authorisation Intensives take place in Melbourne, Australia on 10 - 12th March, in Chichester, UK on 4 - 6th May 2020 and the next online Authorisation Intensive will be run during June 2020.  To reserve a place on the residential course or the next online programme or find out more, please email Lynn or phone Lynn Draper on +44 (0)1600 714419.

Please note that in order to be authorised to use Harthill’s Leaderhip Development Profile individuals must successfully attend the LDF Authorisation Intensive and conduct two LDP debriefs within four months of attending the Intensive.

A massive thank you for delivering such an amazing life changing course. I found the whole experience transformational. Not just from my point of view of my own leadership journey, but also my understanding of where the world is that what the world needs. Andrew White, Associate Dean for Executive Education, Said Business School