Becoming an authorised user of the LDP

There are two ways to become authorised to use the Leadership Development Framework and Profile - our 3-day Authorisation Workshop, or new for 2018, an additional module to our Art of Developmental Consultation programme which started on the 6th April.  More information can be found in our brochure.

The Leadership Development Framework Authorisation Workshop

Designed for those who support and develop leaders, this unique three-day workshop enables participants to become authorised to use the powerful Leadership Development Framework (LDF) and profile.  The authorisation workshop integrates learning through:  

  •  developing an in-depth understanding of the Leadership Development Framework 
  •  learning to use the LDF as a powerful way of developing others
  •  learning how to use the Leadership Development Profile in coaching individuals
  •  understanding better their own development 'frame' and their own development agenda
  •  working collaboratively with others in exploring the uses and ethical considerationd of this framework

Quite unexpectedly I found the course profoundly moving in two senses - moving as an emotional, intense, intimate experience, and moving in terms of being transformational."  Dr John Derry, NHS Advisor

How will participants benefit by attending?

  •  You’ll be authorised to use the Leadership Development Profile (only authorised users may commission profiles for others) subject to meeting our criteria.
  •  You will experience a rich fusion of personal and professional development
  •  Your coaching and mentoring skills will be extended to include this developmental model
  •  You’ll be part of the growing community of LDF practitioners
  •  Follow-on support in conducting LDF debriefs.
The Authorisation Workshop is suitable for anyone who plays an active part in the development of others.  This includes HR staff, internal or external consultants, change agents, recruiters, and leaders who coach or mentor their staff.  The next UK Authorisation Workshops will be 22nd-24th May 2019.  To reserve a place or find out more, please email Lynn or phone Lynn Draper on +44 (0)1600 714 419.

Please note that in order to be authorised to use Harthill’s Leaderhip Development Profile individuals must successfully attend the LDF Authorisation Workshop and conduct two LDP debriefs within four months of attending the workshop.