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The Leadership Development Framework describes crucial sense-making processes by which people interpret and give meaning to their experiences. These are then structured into more-or-less coherent worldviews and their characteristic patterns of action. We describe these as Action Logics.  Your primary Action Logic has a profound impact on your leadership approach and capability because it affects where you place your attention, your underlying assumptions, what inferences you draw and, crucially, the actions that you take. 

The Leadership Development Profile identifies your primary Action Logic – that is, the most complex Action Logic that informs your thinking and action on an everyday basis.  As you become more aware of how this Action Logic influences your behaviour, you may discover that you also have a characteristic ‘fallback’ Action Logic when you are tired or otherwise vulnerable. You may also find yourself quite motivated to move toward the next Action Logic in the sequence.

Completing a full Sentence Completion Form provides information which enables skilled scorers to identify your primary Action Logic. The results of which are compiled into a Leadership Development Profile.

The Sentence Completion Form and resulting profile is now available in Russian.  Please click here to contact our Russian associate Anastasia Nekrasova.

To Commission Your Own Leadership Development Profile

Either: Complete the online Sentence Completion Form

Or: Download the Sentence Completion Form

  • Save the file to your desktop
  • Complete it as per the instructions
  • Return it as an email attachment to Lynn Draper

After we have received your payment (see fees below) we will send you your Profile with your primary Action Logic and a commentary giving insight into your meaning-making frames. This is written specifically for you from your sentence completions and will provide indications for actions you might experiment with to consolidate within a frame and/or move to later frames.


Profiling Options & Fees

If you are commissioning your own profile there are several options with different prices.  We require all individuals receiving a Leadership Development Profile to receive a coaching debrief from an authorised coach.  Coaches at Harthill are able to do this and we can recommend an authorised coach nearest to you.  More than 400 people have been authorised worldwide to use the Leadership Development Framework and Profile.

Option 1 - Facetime, Skype or telephone coaching debrief

27 page profile and 75 minute telephone coaching debrief to interpret your profile and explore your options for development. £555 (+VAT where applicable).

Option 2 - Face to face coaching debrief

27 page profile and 90 minute face to face debrief to interpret your profile and explore options for development. £810 (+VAT where applicable).

Option 3 - finding an authorised user near to you or who can use your first language

Harthill can put you in touch with a number of coaches authorised to use the Leadership Development Framework.  Please contact Lynn.

Analysis of your Sentence Completion Form takes up to 10 working days. For faster turnaround please email lynn@harthill.co.uk


Please make payment in GB Pounds Sterling. You can pay with a credit or debit card using Sagepay. Click on the button and follow the step by step guide.

To determine cost at current exchange rate in other currencies go to www.xe.com



Becoming an Authorised User of the Leadership Development Framework & Profile

If you are interested in extending your understanding of the Leadership Development Framework and would like to use the Leadership Development Profile in the development of others you can attend a training intensive and become an authorised user.

Transforming Leadership Authorisation Intensive is a three-day workshop run several times a year in the UK and Europe.