Sentence Completion Form

An analysis of your responses in completing the 32 unfinished sentence stems in this form enables a profile to be drawn up which gives insight into the meaning-making behind your actions, and so enables the main ‘Action Logics’ of your work and life to be identified.   This unique analysis will be presented to you by your consultant in a bespoke Leadership Development Profile (LDP) Report.

The LDP is a premier meaning-making assessment for leaders, and is a highly-validated instrument.   It uses one of the most extensively-researched psychometric technologies available. The LDP has helped several thousand people from diverse cultures in their development over three decades. Academics and practitioners rigorously maintain the highest levels of internal and external validity.

Directions for Completion

To the best of your understanding, respond to each of the 32 stems which follow, using your own words.  Complete all the stems at one unhurried sitting if possible and respond freely and honestly. Making very quick ‘automatic’ responses on the form will not be helpful for you in this process. Give it attention.  Your completed form will be used by highly skilled human raters to produce your Leadership Development Profile (LDP) Report.  This document and your LDP Report are strictly confidential and are shared only with your skilled consultant who will conduct your LDP Debrief.

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