The Leadership Development Framework

“Leaders are made, not born, and how they develop is critical for organisational change."  Rooke & Torbert, HBR, 2005

Most developmental psychologists now agree that what differentiates leaders is not so much their philosophy of leadership, their personality, or their style of management, but rather it’s their internal worldview or Action Logic – how they construct reality and respond to emerging situations, and plan for the future.

Action Logics

Each leader is informed by a dominant Action Logic which has been shaped by time, experience and learning. A leader’s Action Logic both enables and constrains effectiveness, interacting with the demands made on the leader. Most leaders, however, are not conscious of their Action Logic and thus are ‘blind’ to it. They are unaware they can transform beyond the limits of their current ways of thinking and acting.

Becoming aware of their Action Logic provides leaders with crucial insights into what constrains their effectiveness and importantly, how they can develop beyond these constraints.  The dominant Action Logic of a team, a division or a whole organisation has a dramatic impact on its performance and ability. The challenge for most organisations is to move beyond the ‘Achiever’ frame to incorporate ‘Strategist’ thinking and behaviour (see the table of Action Logics and read the Harvard Business Review article Seven Transformations of Leadership to understand more about ‘Achievers’ and ‘Strategists’).  

Developing Transformational Intelligence

Through extensive engagements with clients, Harthill supports the development of transformational intelligence in leaders and organisations. Transformational intelligence is a collection of capabilities found in Individualists, Strategists and Alchemists. However, these capabilities are available to anyone who takes on certain practices. By inquiring into and experimenting with particular capabilities it is possible to encourage radical development – extending the strengths of any Action Logic.  Leaders who undertake a voyage of inquiry and personal development can transform their own capabilities and those of their organisations. Corporations that help their executives and leadership teams develop rich rewards reap rich rewards.  To discover your own Action Logic you can receive a Leadership Development Framework Profile

For more information, including validity and reliability of the Leadership Development Profile, see articles, papers and books for greater depth on the Leadership Development Framework and Action Inquiry or see Validity and Reliability for in-depth academic articles about the Leadership Development Profile and Action Inquiry methodology.