Fujitsu Global Organisation Leadership Development programme

Aptly named The GOLD programme, is now in its 7th year with more than 350 graduates from over 20 countries. The programme has been designed and delivered through a close collaboration of Fujitsu Learning and Development and Harthill.

Japanese IT services and manufacturing company Fujitsu employs 170,000 staff worldwide. In 2007 Harthill was invited to design and deliver a global leadership development programme for identified talent in Fujitsu’s International Business. 

Fujitsu have been bold in resourcing this programme – recognising that profound change does not occur overnight or without opportunities to implement new practices. Over a period of ten months participants engage in four modules, each of three days, in different Fujitsu locations across the world. In between modules each participant pursues a personal leadership challenge designed to stretch their leadership capabilities and deliver value to the company.


“The oppotunity to take a step back from personal and professional life, to reset and reassess your goals, perceptions, habits, values,  horizons, skills, experiences and the circumstances you've become conditioned to working within.  The programme drives you to  challenge all these points and create a new paradigm.” David White, Head of Portfolio Marketing, Fujitsu GOLD 2015 Participant

Inquiry Into Leadership

GOLD is unique. It equips leaders with Action Inquiry skills which will enable ongoing learning and development throughout the rest of their professional lives. Harthill does not teach leadership – participants inquire rigorously into leadership and develop capabilities in response to their particular challenges. The core concepts are:

  • Action inquiry  – moving between personal inquiry ('about me'), relational inquiry ('about us') and system inquiry ('about leading the system')
  • Tools which enable the development of deep personal and inter-personal competencies
  • Reflection and mindfulness
  • Insight into power and courage in leadership
  • An understanding of systems dynamics and increased abilities to intervene to lead complex systems

“The impact on Fujitsu is that we now have a global community of leaders within Fujitsu who are empowered to tackle complex business problems and drive change using the tools and techniques that are offered through the GOLD programme."  Kevin Maslin

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Senior participants from around the world work together to explore issues at the heart of operating a complex multi-national, multi-product business
  • Participants learn to become ‘systems leaders’, willing and able to challenge assumptions and behaviours which constrain progress
  • Leadership Challenges lead to projects of direct value to the organisation. At the end of the 2010 Gold programme a defensible value of £18m was attributed to cost saving or revenue earning initiatives that would not have happened without GOLD

“Fantastic course that has changed the way I feel and work significantly already. Amazing in fact. Thank you. Looking forward to more."  Sarah Niblock, Participant