The LDF Authorisation Intensive

LDF Authorisation Training Intensive - "a rich fusion of professional and personal development"

The workshop enables participants to be authorised to use the powerful Leadership Development Framework and profile to support the development of leaders by: 

  •  developing an in-depth understanding of the Leadership Development Framework
  •  learning how to use the LDF as a powerful way of developing others
  •  learning how to use the Leadership Development Profile in coaching individuals
  •  understanding better their own development 'frame' and agenda
  •  working collaboratively with others in exploring the uses and ethical considerations of this framework.

"This programme and the profile are about you as well as your work. The facilitators, the venue and the content will allow you to explore and sharpen your senses if you choose to, as well as get a practical insight in a powerful model for leadership. I strongly recommend it.”  Mylène Baxter, RES Group.

"This is a must do experience for anyone interested in developing themselves and others at a deeper, transformational level."  Rebecca Stevens, Independent Coach. 

The next Authorisation Training Intensives take place online during Novermber or at West Dean College, Chichester on the 4 - 6th May 2020.  To book contact Lynn.  

Online LDF Authorisation Training Intensive

Facilitators Philip Hayton and Ana Nekrasova

5th - 19th November

Venue Online


Our online Authorisation Training Intensive offers all of the benefits of:
Training in the convenience of your own home/office, with no added travel time or costs
Your LDP Report and online 1:1 Coaching Debrief with our most experienced consultants
Great teaching and learning about Constructivist Leadership Development – an exciting field growing hugely in influence and relevance in recent years 
Becoming ‘Authorised’ to commission LDP Reports and to debrief them with your clients 
Accessing a thriving and evolving global community of ‘development practitioners’, with regular updates, online webinars and one-day events 
Invitation-only access to practitioner development programmes and advanced training.
This programme has been rigorously developed and piloted and has been arranged to create a rich developmental environment and flow for participants. The materials are provided in advance to review and a short-day format over three consecutive weeks allows you to connect, discuss, and prepare conveniently and refreshed.  All participants receive a brand-new LDP Guidebook containing the latest thinking on the LDP Process and Coaching Debriefs. In addition to this, one pre-and one post-programme webinars lets you ease into the process gently, make connections, and then follow up on the learning and translate the training into completing your Authorisation.  
Facilitated by an outstanding team: Dr Philip Hayton and Anastasia Nekrasova have co-convened several LDF Authorisation Trainings and other Harthill training events, across two continents.  
Dates & times (UK time zone): 
Pre-course webinar: 1st November, 1 - 3:30pm.  
Programme sessions*  Tuesdays 5th, 12th and 19th November, 11am – 4:30pm *Full attendance will be required for Authorisation
Follow-up webinar : 29th November, 1 - 3:30pm
Venue: the programme is delivered entirely online and all materials are e-documents.
Requirements: A good broadband connection, use of a PC/laptop, and Zoom software ( is essential for full participation in this programme.
Numbers:  limited to 15 participants
To book contact 

The LDF Authorisation Intensive

Facilitators Philip Hayton and David Rooke

4th - 6th May 2020

Venue West Dean College, Chichester, UK

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