Open Events

Harthill's 2018 programme of inspiring, creative and practical events aims to develop and extend the capabilities of those working with the Leadership Development Framework and Profile.  Plus we have a new Open Programme where LDF Authorisation isn't a pre-requisite - the Art of Developmental Consultation.

LDP Essentials - debriefing a post-conventional LDF profile

Facilitators Philip Hayton

12th, 19th, 26th October, 9th November at 4-5pm

Venue Webinar series

£150 + VAT

This new webinar series aims to develop your confidence and refresh skills debriefing a post-conventional LDF profile.  Post-conventional debriefs have their own unique flavour and are well worth reflecting deeply upon. 

Debriefs are the final step in the LDP Process of: SCF, REPORT & DEBRIEF.  It is a continuation of the LDP analysis and a deepening of an inquiry into the client’s meaning-making, ensuring the end result is a good fit for the client and a springboard for them to work precisely with their own 'developmental sweet spot'.

Each of the four sessions in the series will focus on one part of the LDP Process. We will build our learning using a ‘live’ (recorded) Late Individualist pre- and post- debrief process - an SCF, a Support Call, a Debrief, and a Follow-Up discussion. The four sessions will be:

  1.    SCF interpretation in preparation for the debrief (including looking at a recent Late Individualist report that includes a Commentary).
  2.    A support call and the debrief itself, including how we think about and offer developmental suggestions.
  3.    Reflection on the whole process of the debrief and how it went - learning through the experience. 
  4.    Distillation of this learning and reflecting on post-conventional development and debriefing more broadly. 

Our aim is to inspire and inform your practice in post-conventional LDP Report debriefing. There will be material provided to review in advance of each webinar, and ample time for discussion, shared learning, and questions especially in week four. 

Sessions are on Fridays 12th, 19th, 26th October and 9th November at 4pm (UK) for one hour - sessions will be audio-recorded and we will be utilising various anonymised materials from an actual client and coach relationship for this event, thanks to their generous agreement.  

Email Lynn to book!