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Harthill's 2019 programme of inspiring, creative and practical events aims to develop and extend the capabilities of those working with the Leadership Development Framework and Profile.  

Developing Strategist Capabilities

Facilitators David Rooke and Philip Hayton

Friday 22nd March 9:30 to 4.30pm

Venue Beauchamp Lodge, London

£195 plus VAT

Between 2% and 5% of leaders in large organisations profile at the Action Logic named Strategist.  This Action Logic is associated with meaning-making that is most able to engage with, and lead in complexity and ambiguity.  Increasingly leaders report the need to be able to lead in these conditions, but can they?   The transition from the Primary Action Logic of Individualist (where typically 20 – 25% of organisational leaders profile) to Strategist is elusive – few leaders within organisations make this step.  

Facilitated by Philip Hayton and David Rooke, the workshop will explore how the capabilities demonstrated by leaders with a Primary Strategist Action Logic can be adopted by leaders whose Primary Action Logics are Achiever or Individualist. This approach expands their leadership repertoire and has an underlying impact on their meaning-making capacity.  We will focus on key transformational capabilities demonstrated by Strategist leaders and explore what attention and practices may lead to these being of service to leaders. This process starts by making the leaders aware of their own meaning-making so that they can then develop many of the key transformational capabilities to stretch their own effectiveness within their current meaning-making structure. Working experientially and supported by live interviews with Strategist leaders, we will explore activities and practices that individuals can undertake to grow their transformational capabilities.

Contact Lynn to book or for more details.  

How organisations are developing late-stage capabilities in their leaders

Facilitators David Rooke and Philip Hayton

14th June - 10:30am to 4:30pm

Venue Beauchamp Lodge, 2 Warwick Crescent, London, W2 6NE


How can organisations support the development of their people towards later Action Logics?  This is an important question if we take seriously the idea that later stage capacities are required to deal with the increasing complexity and ambiguity of the workplace.  In this one-day workshop we will explore the strategies and behaviours that organisations are utilising to support the 'vertical' development of their leaders. 

We will explore two questions:
* what development interventions are effective
* what structures, processes and discourse in organisations provide a rich context for development.

We are delighted to be able to draw on the experience of two different organisations that have been pushing out adventurously in the development space.  From the US we will hear about the experience of Penske Corporation - a large company not well known on this side of the pond, with a turnover of $26 billion and 50,000 people worldwide.  Penske is a transportation services company whose subsidiaries operate in a variety of industry segments, including retail automotive, truck leasing, transportation logistics and professional motorsports.  We are very excited to have Laura Heaton, VP of Talent Development and Erica Manento, Director of Executive Development with us from Penske.

From Germany we have Stefan Bauer, Transformation and Capabilities Leader at Eli Lilly.  Lilly is a pharmaceutical company that employs 40,000 people worldwide and has a turnover of $23 billion.  As part of the transformation of his own organisation, he has been identifying leading developmental practices in companies and organisations in Germany and he will be sharing what he has discovered, and challenging us to think more radically about what organisations can do to develop their people.

What you will gain by attending:
* Insights into the way organisations are developing their people and the frameworks that support this
* Inspiration to extend your developmental work with your clients / organisation
* Reconnection with the wonderful community of authorised LDF user

Contact Lynn to book or for more details.