About us

Harthill’s mojo is transformation: of leaders and organisations - in pursuit of effective performance, positive change and a better, sustainable world.

Harthill’s transformational work is rooted in Action Inquiry.  Action Inquiry is the core process we use because it is simultaneously questioning and productive.  Action Inquiry enables the testing of assumptions, beliefs and behaviours and enables active experimentation and innovation, all of which expand possibilities.

The Leadership Development Framework (LDF) represents a core map we use to navigate the territory of transformation.  The Leadership Development Framework provides an insightful perspective on how individual leaders, leadership teams and whole organisations understand their world about them – and how this understanding translates to action.

In working with clients we seek active partnership – inquiring, designing and delivering together to create impactful interventions.  Harthill has an established track record of supporting transformational change.  We believe our Client Stories demonstrate this clearly.

To discover your own Action Logic you can receive a Leadership Development Framework profile.

You will find articles and books here that explore the Leadership Development Framework in greater depth.

Action Inquiry

Action Inquiry is situated in and interweaves three realms: the self, relationships and systems. It can lead to radically improved leadership because it simultaneously attends to learning and to productivity.  Action Inquiry combines inquiry with action to radically increase the effectiveness of leaders and organisations.

As leaders develop the skills and processes of Action Inquiry their capabilities are enhanced:

  • Through inquiry they become skilled questioners - able to unearth hidden assumptions and beliefs, discover inconsistencies, identify patterns and see new possibilities
  • Through action, particularly purposely designed experiments, leaders are able to innovate to create surprising results
  • Through reflection, even in the midst of action, leaders are able see more of the whole picture and act systemically

The Leadership Development Framework

"Leaders are made, not born, and how they develop is critical for organisational change."
Rooke & Torbert, Harvard Business Review, 2005


Most developmental psychologists now agree what differentiates leaders is not so much their philosophy of leadership, their personality or their style of management. Rather it’s their internal worldview or ‘Action Logic’, how they construct reality and respond to emerging situations. Particularly when their power or safety is challenged.

Action Logics

Each leader is informed by a dominant Action Logic which has shaped with time, experience and learning. A leader’s Action Logic both enables and constrains effectiveness as it interacts with the demands made on him professionally. Most leaders, however, are not conscious of their Action Logic and are ‘blind’ to it. They are unaware they can transform beyond the limits of their current way of thinking and being.

Becoming aware of their Action Logic provides leaders with a crucial insight into what constrains their effectiveness and importantly, how they can develop beyond these constraints.

For teams and whole organisations Action Logics have a dramatic impact. According to the make-up of a team or leadership group it can be characterised as having a dominant and influential Action Logic. The challenge for most organisations is to move beyond the ‘Achiever’ frame to incorporate ‘Strategist’ thinking and behaviour (see the table of Action Logics and read the Harvard Business Review article ‘Seven Transformations of Leadership’ to understand more about ‘Achievers’ and ‘Strategists’).

Through extensive research, we have found that leaders who undertake this voyage of personal understanding and development can transform not only their own capabilities but importantly also those of their organisations. Corporations that help their executives and leadership teams examine their Action Logics reap rich rewards.

To discover your own Action Logic you can receive a Leadership Development Framework profile.

You will find articles and books here that explore the Leadership Development Framework in greater depth.