Harthill's Heartwork aims at making a positive change for a fairer and more sustainable world. 






Breaking the Brand

Following meeting Lynn Johnson at the LDF Training Authorisation Workshop in November 2015 and hearing from Lynn about Breaking the Brand, Harthill will be actively supporting their work.

Breaking The Brand creates and demonstrates novel approaches to wildlife conservation of key species such as rhinos and elephants.

We recognise the complexity of the issues involved which span the range, transit and demand countries and design solutions that have the highest likelihood of success given the limited timeframes and funds available.

To do this we use the insights provided by behavioural evolution models together with concepts from cultural anthropology, behavioural economics and social psychology.  Our belief is that ‘Wildlife Conservation Depends on Human Behaviour Change’.

For example, Breaking The Brand has demonstrated that it is possible to directly target the wealthy users of rhino horn in Vietnam with hard-hitting demand reduction messages and that this approach can be scaled to reverse the exponential rise in rhinos poached in recent years. Find out more about Breaking the Brand.



Fujitsu's Leadership Programme raises over $10,000 for Indian children

Participants and facilitators of Fujitsu’s GOLD 2014 leadership programme raised over $10,000 (US) for childrens' charities in India. Following one module, in Pune India, many participants were moved by the desperate needs of some children and the remarkable work of several charities. Using true leadership, a group of managers with sponsorship from Harthill and Fujitsu, have raised in excess of $10,000 – 100% of which went to two charities in India:






Maher Ashram in Pune (India):  www.maherashram.org 






Camp Rainbow in Chennai (India):

Camp Rainbow in Chennai was the first Global Partnership Program to support children in India living with HIV. At Camp Rainbow, campers are given the opportunity to design beautiful mehndi on their hands at Culture Night. They sing the dosa song before each meal. Receive specialized Super Chutti or Muddhina Kanmani awards. Play cricket and learn about living positively with HIV. Camp Rainbow operates in partnership with SeriousFun Children’s Network, Y.R. Gaitonde Center for AIDS Research and Education (YRG CARE), and Community Health Education Society (CHES).  You can see more by clicking here

Myanmar OD Network

We’ve been supporting our colleague Doug O’Loughlin with his research work on the Leadership Development Framework and his charitable work in Myanmar, Southeast Asia.  Doug has been working closely with the ‘Myanmar OD Network’, an affiliation of passionate OD people from NGOs around the country.

The Network have been studying the LDF and exploring what it means to their emerging leadership and have experienced some amazing shifts over the past year. They wrote to express their thanks:

Dear Harthill,

On behalf of the Myanmar Organization Development Network (MODN) we would like to thank you for your major contribution to the development of our leadership, co-ordination group this past year. We have applied the Leadership Development Profile you gave us in our lives, our work, and our organization. It has really helped to shape our MODN leadership group culture by opening our eyes and helping us to be more choiceful with one another and as a group. It helps us a lot in our dream to move forward as a network as well as in our personal and professional lives.

In Myanmar we have a big leadership gap. As Myanmar citizens we are trying to build our country from different perspectives, expertise and roles in order to assist in our democratization process. Your assessment has made a significant contribution to our capacity-building process.

With heartfelt appreciation,
The coordination group of Myanmar Organization Development Network.