Organisational Transformation

Transforming an organisation, with its history, traditions and complexities is far easier said than done. Bringing about sustained positive change, rather than a 're-organising of the deck chairs', requires these principles:

  •  Change is emergent – unexpected directions and opportunities arise from inquiring, rather than prescriptive, change processes
  •  Culture change should be focused on and arise out of initiatives to improve services and processes for customers and staff
  •  Change should be collaborative – designed and driven by staff at all levels with the power to make a difference

Harthill’s work in organisational transformation embraces these principles. Our engagement is always:

  •  Integrated – developing leadership capability and changing the organisation, building teams and developing new strategic directions, connecting visions to strategies to actions
  •  Inquiring – engages with the processes of Action Inquiry in exploring what may emerge in the future. We use practical methodologies such as learning histories to learn in the future from the past
  •  Participative – we use methodologies such as ‘real time strategic change’, ‘world café’ and ‘open space technology’