• The Hidden Talent. "Proud of our collaboration with Richard Wilson, Jessica Leitch, Mark Dawson and Harthill Consulting.  I hope there's an insight or two in there to help with your next step in your leadership journey."

    David Lancefield, Partner PwC; Global and UK Leader of Economics and Policy practice; Leader of Strategic Engagement

  • Harthill's Transformational Leadership program brings fresh perspective and depth... It has enriched my capabilities... I actively encourage my reports to attend.

    Susanne Luick-Nijboer, Vice President for France, Africa, Central Europe & Near East

  • Harthill coaches helped the Senior Management Team surface and deal with deeply emotional issues that accompanied the changes we faced. Without addressing these issues squarely we would be in a different place today. We grew as individuals and as an organisation along the route.

    Toby Parker, CEO

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